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Jetta 2

did mean spark plugs and it was true that two mechanics told us the wrong ones were in it. (Each one replaced them for $400). I also didn’t ask what the life of a Jetta is if we do the repairs–timing belt and water pump. I live in Las Vegas. Anyone know how to find a independent, competent, mechanic?

Why are your spark plugs mean? Did you read your post before you sent it and does it make sense to you?

$400 for replacement of spark plugs is ridiculous. Timing belt is a necessity. If it breaks your engine will get trashed. Check out the mechanics files on the car talk website, they can get you started finding a mechanic.

I am going to guess you had a prior message and rather than replying to it, you posted a new message which is now disconnected from the original. I suggest you leave a message here that you moved back to the original.

The life of a Jetta depends upon many things. We cannot reliably predict how long a given car will last. However, I can tell you with confidence that your car’s life will be severely shortened if you do not replace the timing belt.

This is an expensive maintenance item, but it’s absolutely necessary. You’ll want a mechanic who knows his or her way around VW vehicles for this.

The following link may help you find a mechanic

Yes, folks, this post about Carol’s “mean” spark plugs is an unconnected continuation of her previous thread that can be viewed by going to:

Regarding those mean, ornery spark plugs–Are you telling us that it came from the factory with the wrong spark plugs?
I tend to not believe that scenario.

Or, are you telling us that a mechanic replaced the original spark plugs with incorrect ones, and that a subsequent mechanic discovered the mistake and rectified it?