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Ball joint and tie rods?

2002 Nissan Maxima with 125K miles. When going around a curve to the left there is a noticable rumble or vibration in the right front tire area. Going straight at high speeds is smooth and quiet. I checked the large neoprene boot and it does not appear to be cracked or anything but there is a joint(I believe it is either the ball joint or tie rod) that had a lot of grease around it, even away from where it connects. Could that be the problem? I could not get under car to see exactly where grease was coming from. Just a quick check by sticking my hand up there and feeling around. Is there a way to know for sure before spending a lot of money? Any help or guidance appriceated.

Sounds like a CV joint going bad.

I’m thinking wheel bearing. I had one go bad recently, and it did exactly what you describe. I coule hear a rumble and feel a vibration every time the front wheel with the bad bearing was under load going around a curve at speed. In a straight line - nothing.