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Baja bugs

I have been looking into getting or building a baja bug but ive noticed I don’t think they are 4x4.

Can anyone give me some advice on how to make a bug 4x4? I was thinking I would go to a junk yard and take the front end guts and transfer case from an old small pick up or subaru. is this possible? or is it more trouble than its worth

IMHO way more trouble than it is worth. If you want a 4X4 buggy start with a 4X4 chassis.

Not a real option.

The only reason why you’d need 4wd on a baja bug would be because you’d be adding all that weight to the front of the car by installing a transfer case and front axle. The reason why bugs have such stupendously good traction is that they’re light but also because the weight is almost all distributed on the drive wheels. My guess is that with the added weight and change in weight distribution, you’d at best break even in terms of off-road performance.

I dare you to write to “Dune Buggys and Hot VW’s” with this question.

If you want a Baja Bug you don’t want or need a 4WD. Baja Bugs were the original dune buggies. They used oversize tyres to stay on the top of the sand.

Maybe you want a Dune Buggy?

Bugs will go almost any where and do it alot faster than most 4x4s
Parts are costly.

Parts are costly? One of the best things about air-cooled VW’s is that the parts are incredibly cheap because of the huge production runs on the things in Mexico and Brazil. Maybe some of the go-fast dune buggy stuff is, but that’s true of any performance parts.

I spoke with a Army enlisted man at the gas pump yesterday,topic was his 70 Bug, he told me he paid $2000.00 for it, I wished him well.