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Bad Vibration "94 Toyota Camry

My car vibrates badly when I stop for a light. It is fine when I drive. Already replaced all of the engine mounts.

I assume that you have the 4 cylinder. Does it seem that the engine is idling too slow? Have you cleaned the throttle body with emphasis on the Idle Air Control valve. That is down in the slot right below and in front of the throttle plate. You can test the IAC by shifting through Reverse to Neutral ( I am assuming and automatic). The tachometer needle should blip up and down. Also when the AC is switched ‘ON’ the idle speed should come up and then taper down.

Has the engine been tuned recently with new spark plugs, cap, and wires? Are the compression readings on the cylinders pretty even? Have the valve clearances been measured and adjusted as necessary?

Information–we need information. mileage, engine size and configuration, transmission, maintenence history, timing belt replaced, etc.