Bad Speed Sensor? Honda civic 2000

to make my story short, my car just had a bad shift solenoid so i buy a new one. so i tested in a long distance trip, it was good, but it does a old problem that when i pass the 50 mph it goes like up and down shift so i have to brake a little bit to stop that. Also in those old times i just disconnect my vss to prevent that, but it just delay it to 60mph, but that was ok for me… so back in the topic. after the long trip, i decide to disconnect again the vss. When i turn on the car again to go back, the transmision going a little crazy, going into false neutral, or shift up and down gears. so i decide to reconnect the vss. at this time, i reset the ecu too. so it was ok back in the trip for 15 min. after that it gone crazy again, so i reset again the ecu and it was ok again for 10 or 15 min. and so until i get to my home again. Also when this happened a CEL comes up P0730(incorrect Gear Ratio). sorry for my english

I’ll direct you to the answers in the other thread you posted on this forum, here:

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thanks, but actually i think nobody read that part or at least don’t tell me any response about it. Im desperate about this problem, on the other hand my plan b is to do swap.