Bad smell

My arir conditioner gives off a bad smell; my son, who lives distant and is a mechanic, told me that if the drain gets plugged that will cause a moldy (or other) buildup. When he visited, he said he could not locate the drain hose. Where can I find out where the drain hose is? Then I could probably unplug it myself.

It is a 2007 HHR SW. This model was not listed in the model list below.
Thanks for any advice, Merilee… 206 225 1124

I bet your a/c smells like mold. Have someone remove the cabin air filter. With the blower on high shoot an entire cam of Lysol into the opening. Then install a new cabin filter, that should fix it.
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I am no help with the specific location of your drain hose, but on a six year old car with a cabin air filter, I would not expect the drain to be clogged. If the car has been wrecked, it may be crimped, which might explain why it is hard to find.

I use Lysol myself to control mold in the A/C evaporator fins, but it that does not do the trick, there are stronger products made specifically for this purpose. Wurth makes an aerosol spray that you use like Lysol. I understand that shops use a strong hydrogen peroxide solution, but you have to use that carefully because of its corrosive and bleaching properties.

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