Smell from the air condition

The smell from the air conditioner honda is just plain bad! I replaced the A/C filter recently.The smell is a combination of cow manure. Please help me as it is becoming real worse these days.

Try removing the filter, and putting the filter cover back on, then spraying Lysol (your favorite scent) into the air intake at the base of the windshield with the fan on full as you switch back and forth from heat to cold.

If Lysol does not do it, try the Wurth brand spray that is made just for this purpose. Available from on line detailing product vendors.

If that does not do it, some shops will use hydrogen peroxide to kill the mold, but you need to know what you are doing to use that.

There are two likely problems. Manolito covered one. The other is a blocked drain from the A/C evaporator. On most cars the A/C drain comes out under the car just in front of where the passenger puts there feet. It is a small black rubber tube. Some gentle work with some string trimmer line or careful use of compressed air may clear the line.

Don’t leave the AC system in the off or recirculate positions when you park it. Make sure you keep the air intake grill free of leaves and other debris. Avoid parking under trees. Post back if you need more help.