Bad Skipping Subaru 2003

Subaru Outback 2003 4 cylinder runs ok first several minutes then starts to skip. Appears to be maybe EGR related? Plugs/wires/dist ignition are ok. The car was double filled with oil the started, smoked. Could that affect the ECR or PVC? Could this damage the fuel injectors?
Appreciate any help.

Who double filled it with oil? Was it driven far after the oil double fill? Is the check enging light on? After it warms up is when the engine starts using the sensors.

Check engine light is on. I accidentally overfilled. Not driven, just started, saw clouds of smoke and realized what happened. Since then developed server skip. Checked o2 sensors checked out ok.

You need to have the codes read at an auto parts store and report back. Otherwise we would be guessing.

Ok, Thanks

Why do you think it is EGR related? The EGR is a valve that passes exhaust gas into the intake manifold, open in situations where nitrogen compounds could form in the exhaust. Because of what it does, it usually isn’t located in the part of the engine that would be affected by overfilling w/oil. The PCV is another valve. It vents the upper crankcase area to the intake manifold. That part could indeed be affected by overfilling with oil. Since both paths go to the intake manifold, it is possible the oil from the overfilled crankcase could spill out in the intake manifold in the same area as where the EGR path goes to. That’s about the only way I could envision an EGR involvement.

My guess is that oil from the overfilled crankcase has been routed via the PCV to the intake manifold. That could affect sensors in the intake manifold/throttle body area. The comments above about checking the codes is the first place to start. If you don’t get anywhere that way, I’d probably be inclined to replace the PCV with a new one, check all the PCV tubing is clear (including the path that allows fresh air into the crankcase to replace what’s drawn off by the PCV into the intake manifold), and remove and clean the throttle body and sensors (e.g. MAF) and vacuum ports, located in that area.

Overfilling with oil wouldn’t normally affect the fuel injection system or the injectors, but it could potentially foul the O2 sensors and the cat.