Subie Stutters

I have an 02 Subaru Legacy Outback Wagon. Recently the car started overheating - replaced the radiator, still overheated, was told I had blown head gaskets and had those replaced along with a tune up.

$2500 later, it doesnt overheat now, but when I press on the gas from an idle, it stutters and sputters like its going to stall and then it surges and jumps ahead and I’m on my way. Stuttering only happens at low RPM after idling, not while moving.

Any ideas as to problem / fixes?


Probably an air leak somewhere from when they did the engine work. Perhaps a hose that isn’t connected well, or a sensor that’s come unhooked. It could be many things, but in the end it’s the responsiblity of the shop that did the work to sort it out.

How many miles were on the car before the head gasket went?

And yes, agreed with Dave G., the shop who did the HG repair should get the hesitation sorted out. Make sure they check the transmission fluid levels, did you have that fluid changed with the tune-up?