Bad mileage

I have a 2006 Honda Pilot which never got good mileage. It only got 15-17 miles per gallon for the first year. Recently the mileage got even worse, only around 10 miles per gallon. The car is running just fine and idles nicely. What do you think is wrong?

First I would like to know how you are measuring the mileage. What kind of driving are/were you doing. How many miles on it now? Any other issues with the car? Have you owned it since new?

The 15-17 mpg is normal for this SUV for city driving, according to Sorry if you did not understand that when you purchased it. The recent drop in MPG could be due to maintenance service due.

Just how are you figuring the mileage?
If there was really something wrong with the car to cause the mileage to be abnormally low then the Check Engine Light should be on.

Agree 10 mpg is too low. If the car is runnig well you need to carefully measure several tankfuls from the same station, same pump. Then take the average. One tank is not enough, especially if you filled up in different places.

Echoing what BustedKnucles said, I just had the fuel filter changed and the fuel injection system service performed on my car. Gas mileage has greatly increased since then.