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Mileage on a Brand New Honda Pilot

I just bought a new Pilot. The mileage for city driving is 17mpg. I don’t expect to get the advertised mileage, but I am getting 11.5 mpg. It has 600 miles on it now. The dealer said it will improve after 1000- 2000 miles- engine needs to break-in- and didn’t even to any diagnostics. Is this true or a gimmick? Will I even get close to 15 mpg after “break-in”?

If the Check Engine Light is not illuminated, there is probably nothing wrong mechanically or electronically with the vehicle that would affect your gas mileage.

The gas mileage may improve somewhat after break-in, but the biggest single factor in achieving maximum mpg is driver behavior. Perhaps you can modify your driving habits and style in order to maximize your gas mileage. The EPA website has some very good hints for doing this.

MPG is dependant on atmospheric temp., road conditions, traffic or highway driving and finally on how the operators habits.

Anyway, I presently get about 13MPG of a Ford Ranger with a 4 Liter engine and a bad sensor. Traffic is all stop and go and the road conditions remind of a war zone. Take the car back to the dealer and insist, or as we say here, leave your fingerprints on their eyeballs.

I don’t have one, was thinking about it, and read numerous posts like yours. Google ‘Honda Pilot idle learn’ and see if it applies to the new ones.