Bad gas?

Is the salt water in BP gas bad for my engine?

That Salt Water Will Never Make It Out Of The Refinery Alive !

That was crude oil, not gasoline, that leaked into the ocean.

Don’t be concerned.


I think ConcernedDriver407 meant this as a “crude” joke!

I suspect that the OP is seriously concerned. CSA’s comment put it all into perspectve.

We need not worry about salt water in our petroleum, but we sure do have to worry about oil in our salt water! And to think I was going to retire in Sarasota…

Drill Baby, Drill!!

Exactly. We have not heard from Ms. Palin or Mr. McCain about this little snafu in the Gulf, have we? Let’s think - how can they blame it on Obama?

Anything that can happen, will happen eventually. Nuclear plants will melt down, oil wells will burst, some one will drop that vial of bubonic plague. If we have any intelligence at all, we should be prepared to deal with these catastrophies. And that’s what we call government regulation. That’s one of the things government is for.

We have so heard from Ms Palin. She blamed the spill on the government not allowing more drilling on land! There is not a huge amount of oil left to be economically captured on the US mainland compared to the growing need, but those facts never bothered any politician regardless of political stripe.

And I for one agree with Ms. Palin on this issue. The feds have banned all onshore drilling (30 years ago) as well as many offshore areas under pressure from environmentalists, forcing the petroleum companies to drill deepwater. A blown well onshore can be immediately capped. A blown well a mile below the surface clearly cannot.

There are other problems too. These relief wells they’re currently driling…some countries require them to be drilled before the main well can be drilled, creating the ability to control the flow in the event of a disaster. The U.S. does not.

I’ve said many times that the function of the U.S. government regulation is to protect us from the predators and those who would and can do us harm. It has clearly failed us in this case.

Yes, we can blame Obama, not for the spill but for complete failure to respond in any meaningful way. IMHO this event has clearly shown him to be lacking the leadership abilities to manage a major crisis. Mitt Romney (who I personally don’t care for) wrote a good article recently comparing Rudy Gueliani’s management of the 9/11 crisis with Obama’s management of this crisis. Rudy took control and moved the recovery forward. Obama has done NOTHING except have a picture taken of himself with a blob of oil in his hand. A photo-op. That’s all he’s done.

Yes, Murphy’s law is always in effect. Anything that can happen will. That does not excuse the situation here.

Wentwest, if my post bothers you, remember that it was your own post that made this a political issue on this forum. I, for one, am tired of having Obama’s lack of leadership excused away. I mean no offense to you personally.

Countless working rigs operating in the world, one major accident happens (small ones occur all of the time), and now it’s the end of the world.
This spill is tragic but it will all work out in the end.

And apparently President Obama was perfectly fine with drilling in the gulf just a few short months ago so I assume that he’s in agreement with Gov. Palin and Sen. McCain.

No federal regulation bans onshore(dry land) drilling. Thousands of new gas wells have been drilled in the last 4 years alone. There is no halt in drilling for advanced oil recovery on land. We have some good on land resources but they are not considered viable due to small size or low production rate. I have no problem with either on or offshore drilling. It is sloppy or dangerous practices of the companies that need to be addressed.