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Bad gas or something else

I own a 02 Saturn L200 and yesterday I strayed from my usaul gas and got some from another place well late last night while stopping at a stop sign it cut off. could this be bad gas or should I be worried. It tries to turn over and it is even back fireing but its not doing anything. the battery light, oil light & check light came on. I have 105,000 miles and it has always been a good vehicle. Any ideas or help advise

Sure, it could be “bad gas”, but there are so many other possibilities here that nobody can say from afar.
When was the last time that the car had a full “tune-up”, to use an outdated term?
If things like spark plugs, air filter, fuel filter, pcv valve, etc have not been replaced in the last couple of years/25k miles, this could simply be a case of lax maintenance.

This car needs to be towed to a competent mechanic for examination. If he believes that this problem is the result of “bad gas”, make sure that he takes a sample in case you want to file a claim against the station where you bought the gas.