Bad front bushings 02 1500 Silverado (loose , rattling in front end suspension)

My 02 Silverado 1500 long box extended cab has a rattling or looseness in the front end , most noticeable when driving over bumps when turning in a parking lot or going around a curve in the road.It only has 19,500 miles on it. I remember this happening to my 99 Silverado at 12,000 miles, but the warranty covered the repair.This 02 is out of warranty. I just can’t remember exactly what bushings they said they replaced.I have a Haynes manual and would like to attempt this repair myself.Is it very involved? Are the parts (bushings) expensive?

Thanks, Boots P. Auburn,NY

Check your sway bar end links first. Turn the steering to the lock position on either side and look at where the end links connect.