Backup Camera shorted? and won't work

Just bought a 2014 Toyota Camry and I installed a Crux RVCTY-71 Backup Camera which I tested worked before putting the car back together. When turning on the car later the engine immediately shutoff and after restarting the backup camera no longer works. The camera was grounded and I rechecked connections and everything was still the same. I’ve so far checked fuses and am looking for other troubleshooting options before tearing it back out.

I have run into experiences, where did you tap in for power supply? Had one van I tapped into the 2 way radio for a new rear spotlight power outlet, and if the light was on the engine would not shut off.

Having no idea what you did with your wiring, we can’t even guess what you might have connected improperly. And you clearly did do something wrong… So explain what where and how big your fuse is.

Did you use the RCA plug or the yellow and black wires ?

If you used the RCA plug, did you tape the yellow and black wires so the wouldn’t short out on anything ?

I followed the wiring instructions that came with it and yes made sure to tape all exposed ends.
I used the 16 pin adapter using the red wire for power.

You see those are the instructions, not your work. The instructions are not the problem. We need pics of your work.

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