Car shuts off while driving

Hi! I have 2010 Toyota Camry, whose battery was replaced about 2 months ago. The oil was changed about a month ago also. Two days ago i was driving out of my gyms parking garage and 5 minutes into the drive my car completely shut off in the middle of traffic. It happened as soon as i hung up the phone while talking to my husband on a car speaker system. The car would not turn on, my dashboard looked like a rainbow with all the warning lights on, the windows worked, there was no sound coming from the car even when i tried to turn it on. I called AAA to have a wrecker move my car from the middle of traffic, and they stated there were no available wreckers, that i would have to wait 2 hours…so finallly this awesome guy helped me push the car into a drive way. So about 20 minutes pass by while im waiting for my husband, and all the sudden im able to turn my car on. I drove my car all the way home with my husband behind me ( 30 minute drive) with no problems. I still haven’t had a problem but now im paranoid that it might happen again. Do you have any suggestions what might have gone wrong or if there is something i need to check? Thanx!

I would open the hood and check the battery cables for looseness or corrosion. While you are there check the oil level also. I always check my oil level after a change.

If the car is still under warranty call the dealer.

Ed B.

+1 to Ed’s post.

Be sure they check the battery connections for corrosion buildup as well. It might be a good idea to have them cleaned and reattached as well. The guy who did the recent battery change may not have cleaned the connections well or coated them with anticorrosive grease. A poor connection causes corrosion buildup (a white crusty stuff) and that acts as a resister, often as an intermittant connection.

Thanx for the advice!