Back Glass, OEM or Aftermarket

I have a 2006 Acura TL. I need to get my back glass replaced. Since it has rear defrost and radio antenna on it, should I go with aftermarket ($300) or let Acura (1200) take care of it?

I’ve been reading online about how aftermarket glass could be thinner and not as clear as OEM glass. Any input appreciated.

There are only a few companies that make auto glass, so the “aftermarket” piece you get could be the same as the factory piece. Honda doesn’t make its own glass, they buy it.

That’s a heck of a price difference. Assuming the replacement window has the defroster and antenna I’d save the money and go with the less expensive option.

Well, I can guarantee the OEM glass isn’t four times better than the aftermarket one…

If you make sure you’re getting one that has the heater and the antenna, you shouldn’t have any problems with the aftermarket one. The el-cheapo aftermarket one might not look quite as nice upon close inspection, but in terms of functionality it should be fine. You also might be able to find a cheaper source for the OE glass or a higher quality aftermarket piece of glass.

First off Honda doesn’t make glass. They buy it from one of the glass companies. Second…the replacement glass you buy at the dealer is from one of the glass companies. A local glass company here (Portland Glass) has pretty much exclusive contracts with all the dealers in the area. You can go to the dealer and pay $1200 or the glass place and buy the same glass installed by the same guy for 1/3 the price.

You might also consider a USED back glass. The back glass won’t be pitted even after millions of miles of use. They are tempered glass. They are either perfect, or in a million small pieces like your broken one. Have a look at for one in your area. A nationwide search shows them for as little as $95. Most independent glass shops will install one for you. I’ve had it done many times. Windshields are another matter. Any crack or pit tends to play “connect the dots” during removal or installation.

For rear glass, color doesn’t matter. I would try the cheaper one.

Some dealers, including my local Toyota dealer, if you take the car in to them for glass, they drive it to a local window installer, who uses his glass, and Toyota adds a lot of money to the installer’s charge. It could be a hundred dollars or more for dropping your car off and picking it up. I just had the windshield replaced on my 2002 Sienna, it was around $175 with taxes. The only choices were the solar strip of tinted glass along the top cost $20 extra, but I paid it because I am used to that strip.

I’ll bet a corn muffin…make that two corn muffins… that the dealer will just take it to the local Portland Glass (I think they call htemselves PPG now?) store, have them install it, and then add hundreds of dollars over what they charge to your bill, as Irlandes suggested.

Skip the middleman. Go directly to PPG.