Back friendly vehicle


We’re going on a family adventure this summer, driving from Montana to Alaska and back. I currently drive a Subaru Legacy, which is fine for me, but lousy for my husband’s back. He does better in a seat that lets you sit up taller, like in his van. We need to get a different used vehicle suitable for the trip. Our priorites are: good seats, decent gas milage, reliability, and room for 3 adults,and their gear. Any suggestions?


Chevy Impala or a newer minivan. I’d also suggest a Crown Vic, but if your husband has a bad back, he may strain it worse trying to get luggage out of the Crown Vic’s deep trunk.


I also have back problems, but there is no way I would expect what works for me to work for your husband’s back. It is a very individual thing. I hope you are planning to use the suggestions as a starter and let your husband test set any candidates. My VW New Beetle works fine. It has a height adjustment so I just crank it up and it is fine.

I might add that a second part of the mix is the opening height. It is more comfortable if I don’t have to try and duck when I get in the car. The New Beetle has good headroom so that is another part of the mix.

The third part is the support in the seat.

I doubt if the NB would work for you however since having three kids in the back that long would be . . . Interesting!

BTW have you considered renting or leasing for the trip? You may be able to find something very well suited for the trip and not be “stuck” with it when you get back.


Keep the car and rent one. It will likely be cheaper and better than going into the unknown abyss if your husband is typically fine in the Subaru.

The main issue with recommending anything is that every seat’s comfort is subjective to an individual person, there are no steadfast rules.

For example I find the ride of a Crown Victoria very comfortable. However the seats are downright abysmal in my humble opinion.


My neighbor has a bad back and bought a Honda CR-V about 6 months ago. He is pleased with it. Test drive one, and maybe rent one for a long weekend drive.


Is the Legacy the largest of the Subaru line? You may also consider haveing a new seat put in your Legacy that has better back support. You might end up dropping a five hundred bucks but your husband will be able to have a nice ride in a vehicle he is familiar with.


Ford Explorer or Expedition. The better seats are good.