B2300 cross member bushings

i just replaced the clutch in my madza b2300 and my friend says that i have to replace to busing on the cross member and i was wondering what to the bushings even do and how improtent are they

The bushings, if my visual is correct, isolate engine and drivetrain vibrations from the main frame.

They’re cheap and easy to replace when you have the crossmember off anyway. But unless you’re experiencing vibrations or noises I honestly wouldn’t bother now. It’ll be just as if you had never replaced the clutch in the first place.

Heaven knows. Bushing on cross member isn’t really naming anything. Transmission mount might mean something or maybe an exhaust system mount, or not. There isn’t anything else that is required that I can think of.

I just had my clutch replaced in my B2300 and I was wondering what year and how many miles you have. After the replacement, my vehicle is noisy when I’m in the higher gears.