Check Engine Light

'94 Dodge Caravan: I’ve had numerous work done to eliminate the ‘Check Engine Light’ coming on. When it does, there is no other indication of trouble (temperature, oil pressure, etc). Normally, turning the engine off then back on will eliminate the light, but not always. Most recently (2 weeks ago) the mechanics monitored the light and got 3 errors, which they addressed (new radiator, egr valve, and something to do with temperature valve). It’s back, sporadically, and now they say it could be the alternator, though no problem seems to be apparent there, and/or the computer. Can anyone HELP me? Thank you.

one case where a “middleman” might help in determining the “diagnostition/parts changer” ratio of your mechanic. check local auto parts store (auto zone?)for FREE computer trouble code scan. these guys can be helpful,they only want to sell you the parts. they may reset the computer, and if the mechanic (when the light returns) comes up with something different,you may have multiple probs, or your mechanic may have one. but be nice, get a 2nd opinion.

i wouldn’t be surprised if your cars computer will blink the stored trouble code on the “check engine” light, if promted. when i have done this myself, i don’t recall if the computer reset.

best of luck

As a '94 this vehicle is on OBD-1 and I doubt that any of the parts stores can do the scan service. Can you ask whomever has worked on the car what codes have come up - these would be actual 2 digit numbers.

If you are not facing an emissions test squeeze and the car is running OK, a little black tape over the nag light…