Axle seal replacement: 2005 Ford Explorer 4WD 4.0


I had both the front & rear axle seals replaced (recommended by the service dept) at a certified Ford service store. As a result of the work done, there is considerable front-end vibration (at speeds of 70 MPH and higher) that did not exist before the work was done. Is this typical, or was the work not done correctly. I’m looking for answers so that when I go back to the Ford Store I can talk intelligently with the service techs and get the problem corrected.


Since they had to take the front end apart to do the work, my guess is they did not get the alignment done right. Are you starting to see abnormal wear on the front tire treads? If so, it’s alignment. I’d take it back and complain. It shouldn’t be doing that.

Why did you have the axle seals replaced? If they were leaking, ok. If they were not leaking why replace them?


Thank you for your response. A front-end alignment would be an easy fix, if that is the problem. The axle seals were leaking, both front and rear. I even noticed differential fluid on the driveway at the back end of the vehicle. Not certain about the front. I just took their word for it, I guess.

Would there be any other issues regarding putting all of that back together that could cause such vibrations, other than alignment? I don’t believe that an alignment was even done after everything was all put back together. Maybe an alignment is usual and customary after such work, but nothing was mentioned about doing “one.”

And yes, I have said something about the issue. I’m just hoping to have some “ammunition” when I go back, so that I don’t have to settle for what they say about the issue and that I can talk intelligently with them about it.


I agree with honky. The mechanic probably didn’t do a realignment after the repair. You don’t need any tech-talk when you take it back. It’s up to the mechanic to figure out what he did wrong. If you tell him it needs a realignment, and he does it, and the problem still exists, it then becomes your problem. All you need to say is, it didn’t do that when I brought it in.

Good luck.


Thank you for your help and prompt response.