AWD Nissan towed 1000 feet with back tires on pavement - transaxle damage?

I just had to have my 89 Nissan sentra wagon towed (stalling at idle - unable to fix it myself after several tries). It’s a fixed all-wheel drive with only 40k original miles. It was preoccupied when the tow truck guy told me to put it in first gear, then he lifts the front wheels and drives off before I come to my senses. He gets about 1500 feet and up to 25/30mph before the tires on my car start to squeal as loud as my brain… He did then stop and we got the car on a flat bed. Do you think he ruined my transaxle or other 4wd parts?
Thanks for any thoughts…

The back wheels locked up doesn’t sound good to me. A good possibility of damage. Something in the drive line locked up to stop the wheels and that can’t be good.

Let us pray, as they say at my church, that the lock up actually saved the drive train and only the tires may be in need of replacement. The locked fronts When lifted in the cradle on a fixed 4wd may lock the entire drive train especially if left in gear ???

Well, since none of the wheels were turning, I doubt if much damage occured, except the tires.

Good points. Thanks guys. I’ll still breathe a little easier once I get it back and can run through the gears, and I’ll pray in the meantime :slight_smile: but I do suppose rubber typically gives before metal.
Thanks again.