My 2012 AWD nissan Rogue was towed from the front wheels. Any damage could have happened?

MY 2012 Nissan Rogue was towed by the Parking Authority because it was parked in the wrong spot. It’s an AWD drive and in the manual says that it should be towed using a flat bed or severe damage could happen. Well, when they towed it, they picked up the front tires so they were locked onto the truck while the rear ones were rolling on the road for about 16 miles. Do you think they could have damaged the differential or something like that. Please help me because I am worried. It’s a 3 weeks old car and while right now it seems OK, I would like to know if I am to expect some future problems.

Yes, this is potentially problematic in the near future. Not definitely, but…potentially.
I suggest that you memorialize the incident via a certified letter (return receipt) to the Parking Authority. Make sure you mention that you intend to hold them financially liable for any future malfunctioning of the AWD mechanism on your car.

Sincere good luck with this issue!

Damage is certainly possible here. An inspection by a dealer with a written report would be a good idea.

Oh these unelected bureaucrats-I agree with the other Guys,hope your car is alright(think a Rogue is kinda neat)-Kevin

Yes, it is possible that your transmission or transfer case could be damaged.
Have you driven the car yet? If yes, are there any lights on on the dash?
Specifically, a light that says AWD?

Can you lock the AWD mode, and see if it still works?

Next time, don’t park in a place where you can get towed away.


I don’t really know, but I would think that with the rear wheels turning and the front not turning, there could be some real damage done.

You are right to be worried. I would take it to an transmission shop and have it evaluated…maybe even serviced early. Letting the dealer look may void your warranty.

Are you sure they didn’t use a dolly on the rear wheels? They would have to take the transmission out of park by disconnecting the shift cable or unlocking the door to access the shift interlock to get the rear tires to roll.

I am sure they didn’t use a dolly. I saw it being towed because I made it to the impound lot before them and I saw it coming in. I drove it and so far it feels OK and I don’t know how that could be other than because the way the Nissan AWD system works. I know that it shifts from AWD mode to FWD and back automatically, so I am thinking that may be when the engine is off, it disengages the rear tires and it becomes FWD and that’s why no damage happened.