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we have a 98 Ford Taurus that looses water from the cooling system cooling system checked out radiator fine now a cloud comes out of thee exhaust it seems at any rate we are loosing water and it is not from bad hoses or radiator that we can tell we would like to take it to a certified mechanic and know what to expect so we know we would like to know information on this so as to have an educated conversation with mechanic

thank you so much~


will we hear something in an email

If there’s steam coming out of the exhaust and the coolant level is dropping, most likely the problem is with a leaking head gasket.


Check your oil filler cap to see if you have stuff that looks like chocolate milkshake. With a cloud going out your exhaust you probably have a head gasket leak letting antifreeze get in the combustion chamber. Fixing this depends on how much you want to keep the car. The proper fix is to have a mechanic pull the heads, replace the gaskets, machine the heads if needed. Could run $800.00. Some folks have had luck with a sealer like Steel Seal and stuff like that. This could work for a week or a year, no way to tell. Good luck

If sweet smelling steam from tailpipe, Oh no another head-gasket! 3.0 famous for it. Could be intake or cracked block or head don’t get me wrong. Has the coolant been maintained? Did it freeze? Run hot?