2000 Subaru Forester - water out the tailpipe

Large amount of water is pouring out the tailpipe, I’m pretty sure it’s water from the radiator. Is it a blown head gasket? Or blown motor?

Yes, …

What constitutes a “large amount”? Many vehicles have water coming out of the tailpipe, caused by the catalytic converter. Have you checked the coolant level to confirm that you’re losing it? Checked the condition of the oil?

how much is a large amount? Water is a byproduct of combustion, so some water coming out of the tailpipe is expected. When the weather is cold it’s more noticeable


especially if the OP is only driving for very short distances, due to the pandemic.
The OP would do a lot for his/her vehicle’s well-being if he/she would take it out on the highway for at least 30 minutes, once every couple of weeks. His/her engine/exhaust system/battery would benefit a LOT from that type of usage.

This might not apply to the OP, but all too many people are interpreting a “lockdown” to mean that you can’t drive your vehicle. Trust me… nobody is going to stop you from taking an excursion for 30 minutes–or more–and both your psyche and your vehicle will benefit from it.


Howw is the coolant level? Have you had to add?

Is the Check Engine light on?