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Automotive Breath

Here’s some background. I have regular maintenance and repairs done on my teeth, including all requisite cleanings and x-rays, inspections, etcetera. I brush and floss my teeth at least twice daily and use flouride mouth wash with a minty (almost new car-like) flavor / smell.

I also have regular physicals, watch my diet and don’t smoke.

I have an extended warranty service contract on my body through Delta Dental and Blue Cross. I have copies of all service records.

I give, what I think, is often good advice, here. I sometimes ask questions. Once in a while I get responses back from the people who asked the questions. More often I never here from them again.


Is it possible that my breath is so bad, that even over the internet, it offends people?

Does my advice stink, causing the same results?



What is the deal?


Don’t be either offended or surprised. All too often, those getting good advice do not post back to tell us whether the advice worked, or even to say thank you. In fact, there are several occasions each week when the OP is asked for relevant details so that a decent answer can be given, and then the OP never bothers to return to the thread.

So–what’s the deal?

I guess that the desire for instant gratification explains much of this behavior, coupled with a general failure in our society to thank people for their courtesies. And, as to those who don’t even return to supply missing information, my best guess is that they were unable to answer challenging questions such as–What is the model year of the vehicle/When was the oil last changed/Did you look in the Owner’s Manual/Can you be more specific than saying that the car “makes a noise”.

Dear CSA,

I have posted a problem and received advice from this forum which resulted in a solution to my problem while saving me and my mechanic both time and money. When I posted, I received multiple solutions from various “experts”, which I shared with my mechanic. I followed up by posting the final solution, (which was submitted here) the following day, along with a big thank you to those responsible for submitting suggestions to my problem. I have a 1994 Isuzu Rodeo w/234K miles. So the value of this forum is incalculable. By the way your breath smells like greasy candy canes. :o)

                Much Love and gratitude.....

Richard, Thanks For The Thanks, Again!

“By the way your breath smells like greasy candy canes. :o)” This made me laugh very hard! As I said, once in a while I get a response and I appreciate every one.

Just quit putting your first line in bold and you should be fine. That is really, super annoying. Other than that, you’re no more of a jerk than me or anyone else here (take that however you’d like).


Is that anything like Locomotive Breath?

Thanks For Your Suggestion, Mr. Josh.

I wasn’t aware that would annoy anybody.

Similar, But The Result Of Internal Combustion Rather Than External.

VDC Driver, You Mean It’s Not Just Us, Some Of These People Do This To Everyone?

It’s not you at all. To be honest, people will do this even when talking directly to a service writer at a dealer or a mechanic/owner at a small independent shop.

You would be surprised at how many people will simply lie or not provide details about their car’s symptoms even when talking directly to the guy who will be working on it it. Why this is, I have no idea.
The only theory I could come up with is that it’s an attempt to whitewash the problem a bit in an effort to make the problem seem minor instead of major and that this would somehow make the bill smaller.

That should hardly be the case on a net forum though.

Basics please.
What is the make and model of your teeth?
What year are they?
How many miles do they have on them?
Are all your fluids at the correct level?
Any other symptoms?

What was the line that Paul Newman uttered in a movie of long ago? Didn’t he say, “What we have here is a failure to communicate”?

I think that this is part of what we are experiencing, along with a general lack of gratitude.

Do you have a habit of topping off your mouthwash or over tightening your floss?

CTL on? For how long?
IMHO your advice has always been well received.Remarkable,wouldn’t you say!
Happy holidays

Cool Hand Luke. Did Paul Newman say that, or was it the prison guard? Well, I Know the prison guard usually said it, but I can’t remember if the prisoner also did or not.

One problem I have noted is there is no system to help you find your own posting, unless you bookmark it, so I have had problems going back to my own question.

Unless there is a system that I don’t know about.

In order to locate your thread easily, you need to add some “tags” when you first post it. The search engine is apparently geared only to searching for those tags, not for key words in the question or the post.

Wow, that’s clever! Thanks for the chuckle.

It was said twice in he movie. First, by the warden, and he actually said “what we have here is … failure to communicate”. Note the word “a” was not spoken. Later, Paul Newman says “what we have here is a failure to communicate” right before the guard with the mirrored eyeglasses shoots Newman dead. Other movie quotes that are not quite right or were never uttered: “you dirty rats”, “we don’t need no stinkin’ badges”.

Yes, people don 'municate much good. Alass! Wish thay wood.
Anyway, to return to a particular post, go to Search, and in Keywords, put the exact title of the post you are interested in. If you haven’t written the exact title down, or can’t remember it exactly, Cartalk’s search engine may not find it.
A better search engine is google. Yes, google, and it’s much quicker. Try it, and you’ll like it.