Automatic transmission


i have a 1989 dodge daytona with a 2.2 l, 3 speed auto that fails to shift from 1 gear ,reverse works ok also park and neutral.


i have the same problem on my ford, please let me know what you find out, try doing a tranny flush is what someone told me, but it didnt work


This transmission is old enough to still have a governor. If the governor is driven off the output shaft, the driven gear may have failed or the governor valve is stuck. I know so little about this specific transmission that I hazard to comment further.


Yes this transmission still does have a governor but it is not driven from the output shaft but is actually bolted to the parking gear which is splined to the output shaft. The oil feed to the governor and the governor signels back are passed by slip rings to the governor valves. I don’t think there is a external tap to measure governor pressure. If also could be a broken second/kickdown band. Unhappily the transmission has to be disassembled to determine and correct either of these problems. Best to have a transmission tech look at the transmission, measure the line pressure, and diagnosis the problem further to make sure something has not been missed.

Let us know what the final outcome is.


thanks for the replys from everone! this trans is a borg 413 and it does have a test port for the governor. what i need is the correct pressure reading to test this system


The exact pressures are not necessary. What you need to determine is if the governor pressure rises as the drive wheel speed increases.

Also other thoughts. The 1-2 shift spool may be stuck in its bore. The valve body bolts are loose. The valve body gasket(s) are broken allowing the governor pressure to bleed.

Let us know what you find


Does this transmission have a TV cable (runs from the throttle linkage to the transmission)? If so, thats the first place Id start. See if it is broken, and check the adjustment. Im familiar with GMs, Im not sure if its different for a Dodge.



 These things are bad about breaking band struts.  Now, if you want to check gov pressure, the readings should be 0 PSI at 0 MPH.  The pressure should rise 1 PSI for every 1 MPH.  Example:  at 30 MPH the gov pressure should read 30 PSI.    I really think you are going to have to tear this one down..  18 year old vehicle.......  Check and make sure the fluid level is good.



repair by cleaning valve body and one stuck governor got info from alldata @ autozone