Automatic traction

My car features automatic traction control, which kicks in whenever the tires encounter slippery surfaces. About 9 months ago, the traction kept coming on, even though it wasn’t necessary, and then the dash would ding and the traction would turn off, and the lights on the dash would indicate that it needed service. Soon after that the transmission locked up while driving and had to be replaced. The problem with the traction continues, and now it stays off permanently, requesting service. My question is this, is the traction problem considered a transmission problem, and if so is the transmission shop responsible for fixing it?

No, it’s more related to the ABS brakes.

It would help to know the make, model, year of the vehicle. Anyway, the Traction Control (TC)on my 98 Windstar was tied into the ABS system. The TC worked by applying the brakes on the spinning wheel and/or reducing engine speed. I don’t believe the TC on the Windstar affected the transmission. The only problem I had with the TC was when the sensors (Excitor Ring) came loose on the front CV axles.

Ed B.