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Automatic Over rev before shifting

My 02 Isuzu Rodeo will over rev before shifting into 3rd. The problem is itermittent and only happens when shifting from 2nd to 3rd. Shifting is smooth in all other gears. The car will not accelerate while the motor is revving between gears. The fluid was recently replaced. I need some good news here!

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What color was the fluid before it was replaced? Has this transmission always been maintained according to the maintenance schedule?

Are you sure the proper fluid was put in last time? You didn’t use a quick-lube place, I hope, as they sometimes use less-than-ideal fluids.


How many miles?

I hope you didn’t get the transmission flushed . . .

Did this problem exist before the transmission fluid service?

And one more question; was the fluid change done at a quickie lube?
Okay, two more… have you checked the tranny fluid level?

From my minimal experiece with transmissions, that would be called neutraling out between gears due to a stuck valve or something. Either that or the clutch is slipping. Neither one is going to get any better but if the clutch is slipping it won’t be long.

The stock market is up and unemployment is down.

Transmission fluid color was fine. My father changer out the fluid for me when he was in town. He used to work as a car mechanic and recently retired from the railroad as a mechanic after 20 plus years. With that said, He doesn’t work on transmissions. The car has been doing this for about a year but is getting more common. The car has about 127k on the odo

Having it scanned for error codes would be helpful. If you get any report the exact code(s) - something like “P1234”

I found a tranny shop nearby (Cottman Transmission in Vancouver WA) that’ll do a free estimate. I’m taking it in this afternoon and will report back

Okay, it seems I might found an honest tranny shop! The culprit is the accumulator piston is spurting flud every time the vehicle shifts. Their price to replace plus tranny service (all the regular fluids, filters, etc) comes to $225 including tax. Whatchy’all think? No codes btw.

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I think there is a general opinion that the chain transmission shops are usually a bad thing, which I tend to agree. That being said, they usually recommend trans rebuilding in alot of cases, no matter whats wrong. It sounds like an honest shop.

Seeing as they took the time to diagnose it, I would go for it. 225 sounds reasonable to me.

I am not a trans guy, but their diagnosis sounds plausible.

That sounds like a perfectly plausible explanation and a very reasonable price. Now you just cross your fingers that the diagnosis is, in fact, correct. If it all does work out at that cost, I’d call that one a trustworthy place, chain location or not. That’s the thing about those chains. Many operate as franchises so they really are locally owned and their quality varies with the people in them. The banner they operate under has some stipulations, I’m sure. But a responsible franchise owner can make the place work.

Sounds like a good deal to me. My Riviera was doing that only when it was hot out and only once in a while so I did some research on the issue. That sounds like a plausible possibility. The shop I have used for maybe four transmission repairs is an ATRA member shop and thats what I’d look for, but sounds like you found a good shop provided its not SCAMCO.

Unfortunately whenever you have franchised chains, you have varying quality. We had a McDonald’s nearby that had the sharpest looking employees and they had great service. I had better service at that McDonalds than I had at a local 3 star restaurant, which cost 4 times as much.

Another is KOA Kampgrounds. I have been at a KOA that was one of the best campgrounds I have ever stayed at, and I have been to KOAs that were horrible. For every 10 Aamcos or cottmans that are crooked or inept, there will be one that is upstanding and offer quality work.

Was the trans fluid filter also replaced?

Another is KOA Kampgrounds. I have been at a KOA that was one of the best campgrounds I have ever stayed at, and I have been to KOAs that were horrible.

Where is that good KOA?? I’ve NEVER seen a good KOA. Seems to me their philosophy is to find the biggest empty field you can put the most 1/1000 acre camp sites on. They seem to have this aversion to trees and space.


I will say this, the sites were small and close together here as they are at most KOAs, but the atmosphere was great and it was a very very pretty campground. The staff was A-1, The facilities were nice as well. Overall it was in my top 5 favorite campgrounds of all time, and the best KOA I have ever been too.

The owners lived there and took great pride in their lovely campground, I was very impressed, a very pretty fun place to stay. I agree though, many KOAs are just empty fields where they cram you in. This one while having small spaces, was a special KOA.

If that’s it, that’s a very good deal to get this problem fixed. Not to put a negative spin on things, but when my Ford truck auto transmission was on the fritz, this was one of the symptoms. Had to have the transmission rebuilt to fix it. BTW, automatic transmission are designed to be rebuilt. It’s not that big of a deal. Kits are sold with all the needed parts to rebuild one. Certain transmission parts are designed to wear, then be replaced. That’s so the whole transmission doesn’t need to be junked every time it breaks. The cost of a rebuild is mostly associated with the time involved, first removing and installing the transmission takes quite a bit of time, uses special skill and equipment to do it safely and so nothing is damaged, and then removing all the worn out parts and installing all the new replacement parts from the kit is time consuming, plus automatic transmission are very sensitive to dirt and other contamination so it all has to be done in a controlled & clean environment, and that takes time and effort to maintain.

@WheresRick - at least that KOA had trees. Most I’ve been to are big open fields.

Here’s a nice private campground (resort) we’ve visited in CT a few times. This is close to the high-end.

We go there a lot…and then the complete opposite to this place in Northern NH where they don’t even have running water.

That’s a deal as far as repairing trannys