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Automatic outside mirrors

The motor on my outside mirror casing still works but I think a cog is broken. The mirror casing will not move via controls and the wind will blow it in toward the car. Canthi called be replaced DIY or do I need A dealer shop.?

Whether this is a DIY job will depend on your level of mechanical expertise, and none of knows what that level might be.

If you decide to have it done for you, there is another option that might be better than the dealership. A body shop would be very experienced with this type of repair, and may charge less than the dealership. You could make a few calls, and compare prices.

@Terraferma (Nissan, mirrors)

Please… Nissan Model & Model-Year?

Its not hard to replace. I’ve done it in the parking lot on a friends car. But may have to take part of the door panel off to get it unbolted and plugged in, and you have to buy the new mirror, and you have to paint it. So just depends on how much to can and want to do.

They do sell painted side mirrors, rockauto carries it for some makes, check it out. When you have the new mirror, it would be easier to figure how to install. Usually you take the black plastic trim off from inside the door, then take the nuts off, disconnect the connector, installation is reverse of removal. Also search the net/youtube as I am sure someone has already posted this.

08 maxima