Automatic gas pump shut-off failed and overfilled car tank


2007 Chevy Impala

3.6L Flex-Fuel engine

auto trans

4,600 mile

The automatic gas pump shut-off failed to work when I fueled the car and grossly overfilled the car’s tank while I was cleaning the windshield. (Yeah, lesson learned; clean the windshield AFTER monitoring the fueling to completion.)

It spilled out all down the side of the car and onto the ground. It took many minutes for the little pool of gas above the fill tube flap to evaporate so I could safely put the gas cap back on.

Politely badgered the station manager into documenting the incident but all she would do was put in writing that nothing was wrong with the pump, despite the evidence to the contrary.

Did get a free car wash to wash all the gas off the side of the car.

But I’m worried the charcoal canister I’ve read so much talk about here on the board may have been satuarated and I’ll have future troubles now filling the tank.

Suggestions, if any?




I say don’t worry about the cannister. We have a 96 and an 05. When we are on a trip and I find a good price for gas, I pack the tank. I just purchased a new code reader and checked both cars; no codes stored and I have not seen a check engine light.


I say don’t worry about the canister. We hear tales of certain makes and models that self-destruct if the gas tank is overfilled but most cars are totally unaffected. If you were able to drive home you should have no further problems.