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Automatic car starter trouble

My automatic car starter stopped working. After 3 months, I finally brought it to the dealer. Since they fixed it, I’ve had to jump start my car 4 x in less than one month’s time. It’s too much of a coincidence to me - in colder weather, for those months that I didn’t use it, I never had to jump the car. My most recent battery check said the battery was fine. What could be going on?

More Information Is Necessary!

What car year, make, model, miles? Is it under warranty? Factory installed starting system or dealer/after market system installed?

It’s a 2006 Mazda 5, dealer installed starter, almost 38K, still under warranty. The reason I posted this question is that the dealer doesn’t think it’s the car starter and said they’d check the battery (but just a few weeks prior, the battery was fine). I want to be equipped with some information/suggestions the next time I call.

Even though the dealer installed it, the question of the actual brand of the remote starter is still unanswered.

Many dealerships will install aftermarket brands of remote starters as well as the genuine factory remote-starter. Since the genuine factory part is made specifically for that vehicle, the installation is relatively straight-forward, whereas the installation of an aftermarket brand frequently requires a lot of “cobbling”.

Is this a genuine Mazda remote starter, or is it a “Little Gem” remote starter?

It is a Mazda accessory remote starter.

Check the details on warranty coverage on dealer-installed genuine Mazda parts. You are likely covered by warranty on this part, and that warranty includes problems resulting from improper installation, as well as defective parts.

You may have to get very persistent with the dealership and/or involve Mazda’s customer service people in order to get this resolved properly. Your Owner’s Manual should have a toll-free phone number for Mazda customer service.