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Auto stop

I have been having problems with my 2004 Insight’s auto stop feature. It now will work sometime, and sometimes it won’t. My maintenance required light has also came on. Should I just go ahead and take it to the local dealer for diagnosis?

What is an “auto stop feature”?

Is that a maintenance required light or a CEL (Check Engine light)?

If it is a maintenance required light then it wants to see your mechanic for service, maybe just an oil change. The dealer can do this, but unless it was already paid as part of the original cost (No charge) you can get it done cheaper at a local independent mechanic. Dealers are no better (or worse) than independents.

If it is a CEL and not flashing, see above.  If it is flashing, it may be best to have it towed to a mechanic. Flashing means potential damage if driven.

“Auto stop” is a feature the older Insights have (not sure if the new ones do) to where when you come to a stop, press the clutch and put the car in neutral, the engine shuts off. This is one of its fuel saving features. Once you put the car back into gear, the engine begins running again. Mine is now just staying running.

You should have it looked at. When possible you should avoid dealers except for warranty or recall services. But in the case of the Insight, I’m not sure how many general shop mechanics would want to mess with it or really know how.

If you have a local, independent shop that specializes in Honda (something like Honda certified) then I’d give them a call and ask what they think.

Thanks for the response. That’s what I think I am going to do. I still have less than 30k miles on it and want it to perform like it should for many more miles.

On the newer models (not sure if this is true of the 2004 model… but seems logical) - the auto stop feature is very sensitive to the use of the climate control system. So - if you are using the AC (or maybe the heat??? not sure since I’m in AZ and have not yet had to use the heat in my Insight), then auto stop may not engage or may disengage if you are idle for too long while using the AC. I’ve also noticed that when I first use the car in the morning, the auto stop does not engage until the engine has warmed up a bit. This feature is also dependant on the battery charge level, so if your battery requires additional charge (for example, you?ve been driving for some distance while using both gas and assist? and you have not coasted or used the breaks enough to charge the battery back up) then the auto stop will not engage.