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I need to remove the front propeller shaft on my '02 Astro Van AWD inorder to replace the transfer case encoder. How to remove the shaft?

TRANSFER CASE ENCODER?? WHAT’S that?? Does the shaft in question have CV joints at both ends, one end, or neither end…

These came with two types of front propeller shafts. The flange type and the U-joint type.

The flange type will have four bolts attaching it to the differential. The U-joint type will have two brackets clamping down the U-joint bearing caps.


But will that lead to the transfer case encoder??

Or is the “encoder” a switch that lights up a dash indicator saying it’s in 4wd…

“Front propellor shaft?” “Transfer case encoder?”

I might be willing to go along with “Front propeller shaft,” but I balk at “transfer case encoder.”

What, exactly, is a “Transfer Case Encoder?” Sounds like something from a science fiction novel.

I eagerly anticipate answers from posters who have intimate knowledge of this vehicle ('02 Astro Van), and its Transfer Case Encoder.

The encoder is actually the actuator motor for the transfer case. My 06 Trailblazer has one, it switches the transfer case from 2wd to 4wd. Why they call it a “encoder” is a good question.

When I remove the 4 bolts on the flange will the shaft pull out of the transfer case so I can have room to remove the encoder or Actuator motor?

Yes. The shaft is on a slip yoke at the transfer case so it’ll just slide out.


It’s all finished! Thank you!