Auto-headlights draining battery - 2001 Jeep Gr Cherokee

Recently my automatic headlights have been going on and off when the car is off and parked. I have been informed of this by passes-by and parking attendants. The lights will just go on and off. As such, the battery has been dead a few mornings. What should I look for to fix this?

Can you turn off the automatic feature?

yes i can

Most likely a failure in the control module. Replacement of the module, or if you can find someone who can rebuilt them, is the only fix/ However, turning off the automatic headlight feature should prevent the lights from going on and off while parked.

can you recommend where to buy this? or how to test this?

Replacement module is probably going to be found only at the dealer. Make sure it is not a part of a larger module, like a Body Control Module. A wiring diagram for this truck should point that out. There are some places, like, that may be able to rebuild the faulty circuits within the module to fix the problem. This is typically way cheaper, but sometimes they cannot fix the problem. Probably worth a shot.