Auto head lights

head lights will not come on auto. any hints. thanks

What year, make, model…

Other than year, make, and model, all these systems have a control module and an ambient light sensor. The problem could be in either.


Don’t all cars have “manual override” of automatic headlights? There’s laws in my state (and many others) W/R/T “lights on” in construction zones and when wipers are in operation, regardless of ambient light. Impossible to copmply in a car w/o a simple “ON” setting.

OP needs to clarify whether s/he meant “head lights will not come on auto(mobile)” or “head lights will not come on auto(matic mode).” Two different problems with different solutions.

I guess I read the first option; you read the second.

@meanjoe75fan, I think you basically nailed it. But the post is so obscure, you could read almost anything in it. Hopefully we get more specific info.

Something is wrong with the auto function. Vague questions get vague answers. Might as well have asked “Why won’t my car run?”

Fuse/circuit breaker, you turned it off by accident, the light sensor on the dash is faulty.