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Toyota Camry Heater Controls

We’ve got 11,600 miles on a 2009 Toyota CH and the automatic climate controls don’t work. It’ll start off OK, heating or cooling, but after about 25 minutes, it gets slowly colder and colder. It’s not in “ECO” mode. Dealer can’t find anything wrong after repeated attempts. Suggestions?

Try another Toyota dealer. The vehicle is under warranty. It’s their job to figure out what’s wrong and fix it.

You say they made “repeated attempts” to find something wrong. What, exactly, have they tried so far?

What, exactly, have they tried so far?

Hard to tell, for sure. Once they measured “diagnostic codes”, found nothing. Then called in “supervisory technician” who provided “advance diagnostic codes” which they applied and “fixed it” (it was not fixed). Later, they drove the car over an hour each way to another Toyota location where some “advance technical support” was consulted; no problem could be found. (In the driving, they claimed they could detect no problem with the cabin temperature, which is incredible on the face of it!) Finally, the promised that we’d be contacted by some kind of “super” technician who would devote an entire day to finding the problem - - never heard from then again.

The hybrid AC and heating systems are very different from the regular Camry. The AC compressor isn’t driven by the gas motor, I believe it has its own electric motor in an effort to save mpg. The heat still comes from the gas motor, but perhaps they’ve even gone to electric to provide heat. My point is, you are pretty much stuck with Toyota to resolve this issue. Other mechanics and AC experts are just not going to have the knowledge and documentation of this new fangled system to troubleshoot and repair it.