Audio "Head" Unit

I have a JBL head unit in My 2009 CH. I have three issues with it:

1. The Sirius title display is too short.

2. The CD displays neither CD title nor track info.

3. You can’t turn the bass down all the way

JBL doesn’t actually make the unit. It may have the JBL name on it, but it’s made by one of the other Harmon companies.

Many times it may be cheaper/easier to just replace it.

Also…not sure those are actually problems. It just may be the way the unit is designed.

Did you read the owners manual??

Mechanical, spinning disc information / music / video systems are HISTORY…All of this stuff is just a failure waiting to happen…Think no moving parts. USB Thumb Drives for EVERYTHING.

Your 2009 “CH” should still be under warranty. After carefully reading the owner’s manual, particularly the section explaining the controls and display function of the audio system, you should discuss these issues with your “CH” dealer.

I hate to tell you this…but USB thumb drives do fail. Especially over LONG periods of time.