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Broken Audio & Antenna

I have a 1995 Ford Explore (about 80,000 miles)
with a JBL sound system and power antenna.

The power antenna hasn’t been fully retracting or expanding for years,
and now the JBL sound system is not operational.

The first thing that I did was
check all the appropriate fuses and relays,
but they seem fine.

Could the problematic antenna have
burned-out another part of the audio system wiring / electronics?

I called the local Ford dealer/service center (Albany CA), and
they told me that they don’t have anybody that can fix the audio system.
Maybe I should call them back and
push them to service their car ?

Maybe some other dealer will work on the sound system, but frankly I would be looking for a local automobile audio shop.  Chances are they will be faster, better and cheaper.

Dealers don’t repair sound systems. Years ago, when a car radio wouldn’t play, the dealer would remove the radio and send it to a radio repairman. Today, they simply replace the radio or sound system.
In your case, if the JBL sound system has a tape player or a CD player, does the tape player or the CD player work? If so, the problem may be the antenna. If the player (CD or tape) does not work, then the problem isn’t the antenna.
In any event, see if there is an audio shop in your area that can pinpoint the problem. After 17 years, you may be better off replacing the audo system. In any event, the antenna would not have burned out a component in the audio system. The antenna may have shorted and is not sending a signal to the system.

Ebay replacement of exact radio is an alternative. Power antenna’s are just a stupid automotive idea thankfully in automotive history. Have it replaced with a fix mixed one and call it a day.