Audible .aax vs mp3 files or Audible vs Amazon

I want to be able to copy files between my devices and therefore will not be purchasing ANY “Audible” .aax DRM protected shows offered by Car Talk. So far when trying to DL some of the “Top 50” offered here 2 of the 4 were Audible files, 1 would not DL and 1 was offered by Amazon as an mp3. Perhaps something is awry on my android tablet? I am sure whatever the problem that I will NOT buy any .aax files that I cannot move to other of my own devices should I need to backup or restore.


I don’t mess with DRM-protected audio files, but are the Audible files listed to one device? That would be awful. E-books can typically be registered to five devices, and can be deregisteted from devices you no longer use. I had my reservations at first, but it works well and I have many author friends who are strongly in favor of protecting their work. It’s their call, not mine.

If it’s not mp3 then I don’t usually bother. I do have a couple of programs that can convert most audio files back and forth though. Windows Media Player for Windows 7 will also convert most audio files to mp3.

I like Amazon for .mp3 downloads. They are usually high quality, no DRM, and you can play them in Amazon’s “cloud” player or download them to any device without hassle. There are higher fidelity formats than .mp3, but you usually won’t notice with music if encoded properly and at the right bit rate, and definitely won’t care if all you want to do is listen to Car Talk.