Audi with water on rear passenger floor?

My 99 audi A6 has water (lots, like at least a quart) in a puddle on the rear floor passenger side. I have had the water lines cleared, and the door is not leaking. My service shop says they have never heard of this. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Water must be getting in somewhere. Open the trunk lid and make sure all the gunk that may collect in the channel around the trunk is cleared out. In NJ I’ve had bunches of tree pollen and debris that has been especially bad this year. I’ve had to clean the gunk out many times this year. Hope you can figure it out.

had the water lines cleared

Were those a sunroof drain?

Is that A6 a larger car that has an A/C evaporator in the rear area?

If there is a hole in the bottom of the car, it is possible to come up from under the car in a rain. While it should not be rusted yet, it may have a manufacturing defect or it may have been involved in an accident that created a hole.

Never heard of it ?

Fire him and find a real mechanic !

This leak problem has been around for years !
Most likely source of the leak is the ’ pollen ’ filter located on the passenger side under the hood .
The cure is to have the leak area sealed with a silicone sealant . And get the carpets out and air dry them outside the car . There’s electronic stuff under the drivers seat that needs to be dried out .
VW/Audi dealers know this one well .

Thank you for responding! I believe it is rain-related and something is clogged, perhaps the sunroof. We haven’t had rain in a few days and the floor is dry.

thank you for your suggestions!