2021 Audi Q5 - worried about leaking


after heavy rain, we found the back passenger floor of our brand new 2021 Audi soaked, right through the mat and the carpet… the windows were all closed, the doors were closed, there were no water bottles etc in the car that could have leaked… unclear where the water came from but I am very anxious about it!! We live in a very wet and rainy climate and cannot have our car leaking!!!

Have checked if the sun roof drains are clear of debris?


So take this nearly new car under warranty to the Audi dealer and tell them to fix it.


As already mentioned, use your warranty. Make sure they remove the carpeting and replace (or at least thoroughly dry out) any padding underneath to prevent mold from growing there, which of course would be unhealthy.

Once they say it’s fixed, it wouldn’t hurt to run the car through a touch-free car wash to try to verify that.


If the drains are clogged because of where the OP is parking then that would not be a warrantable repair IF it is due to debris from shrubs, trees, or whatever.
Most don’t park under trees/shrubs. Just pointing out the possibility.

Guy brought his near new car (2k miles Subaru) in once for blower motor noise which was caused by some type of dried seeds falling off of a tree under which he parked his car. He was told that he would either need to find another parking spot or start doing some tree trimming. He got mad and stated neither was going to happen. Keep the debit card out or learn to clean the blower housing out himself…

About 10 years ago one of the drains on my Lincoln Moon Roof clogged and it also wet the carpets. In this case it was nothing but dirt clogging it.

You could place a lawn sprinkler on the roof, get inside and see if you can see where the leak is occurring. Common leak spots are window seals, sunroof seals, rear tail-light fixtures. Less common, water gets into the bottom of a door (which is normal, moveable windows aren’t 100% watertight) but then doesn’t drain back to the outside at the door sill area. Check the drain holes at the bottom of all the doors are open. And that there’s nothing blocking the path from the bottom of the door to the outside, like a floor mat or something.