Audi Q5 2009 v6 3.2l

I’m trying to find an exhaust system for my car I want something that isn’t extremely loud but I want to hear my car does that make sense I want something that sounds a little lower and a little raspy but not to loud

No , because you don’t have a performance or sport vehicle and it will sound terrible and use up a large part of this budget you said you had in another thread.

Search for this on YouTube or exhaust manufacturers website so you can hear it for yourself. Unlikely anyone here owns a Q5 with the 3.2 engine to even send you in a direction.

And cheap Ebay cat-backs sound like cheap junk.

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Have you looked for Audi Q5 forums? More info there, I bet.

I’ll freely admit I know close to nothing about exhaust systems, but when I was a teenager my dad put something called a “glass-pax” muffler on my 60’s Ford Galaxy, and the effect pretty much matches your objective. Not overly loud, a distinct sort of buzzing sound, sort of like if the exhaust pipe was playing a kazoo, that can be heard by the driver, but doesn’t blast everybody in the neighborhood.

10-years old exhaust system?

start working on it and things will literally start falling apart

be prepared that flanges can rust off and hold only on that rust, bolts/nuts reduced 1-2 sizes and having no edges anymore, etc…

I would carefully consider existing system condition before deciding on go/no-go, especially in how solid catalytic converters and their flanges look like, as these will likely be quite expensive to replace on Audi

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Soooo that exhaust costs what? Guessing $1800?

Nah, $1,500, on sale for $1,300…whatta bargain!

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Maybe the point is that others don’t want to hear it…