Audi in Maine with fogging

How to fix the fogging and the heat in back seating area.

Fogging is usually the result of recycled air rather than fresh air. Using recycle will provide a little faster heating or cooling, but it will also mean more moisture in the cabin resulting in fogging.

I can’t offer much for the back seat, since I don’t know your car, but it is possible that it will improve just by getting recycle on.

This car, a V8 as I heard, is a 200. Under the glove box there is a flap controlled by a spring and vacuum hose. It is most likely that the spring is broke, no longer closing this flap. This caused moisture from the melting snow on the floor to cycle through the system and end up on the windshield.
As for heat, there are controls in the back seat on a V8 that allow control of the seat heaters and heater. Make sure that the leads under the rear seat are connected for the seat heaters. Live long old Audi.

To see this flap, lay on floor in front of passenger seat and look up behind the glove box, through the louvered plastic cover. Spring, if broke, will be hanging. Remove cover, modify broken spring and reattach.

Ok. I am a former Audi 100 owner, a 1990 version. I totally understand the husband’s affection for this vehicle, although I believe the v8 version is called a 200. First point: consult other responses to your problem. Likely the spring issue will help. Second: the HVAC system in this vehicle is Delco based and, IMHO, absolutely crapola. I know, the handling is great, but every other bit about this car is horrible. Door locks been a problem? If not so far they will be. Switches in the dash stopped working? IF not yet, just wait and they will fail. The Delco HVAC controller (in the dash) will be a problem. Further, you may be experiencing a fan motor problem. You can either pay large (really large) dollars for someone to dismount the dash to replace the fan motor, or use the ginzu knife option to be found in other web sites, and carve out the fan motor for replacement.

My audi 100 also cooked my foot with the heater on. Just part of driving the German beast. I dunno…Audis of this vintage require a lot of dedication. I gave up the habit and went asian, and found the asian cars to be much less annoying.

Good luck.

Is The Fogging On The Inside Or Ouside ?
Does The Car Fog Only In Maine And Not In Other States ?
This Problem Could Be Weather Related Or Caused By Something Entirely Different.

Have you tried the Ginzu knife modification or locating to another state ? Carving out one’s fan motor seems the more practical solution.