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Interior car fogging

In Raleigh, NC we recently went from cold (40F) to warm (70F) and back to cold (40F)

Since it was getting colder I disengaged my a/c (pushed the button) and had no issues with heating and keeping my car fog free. When it got warm I turned my a/c back on for cooling. Once it turned cold again I shut the a/c off but now my car interior fogs unless I turn the a/c back on. (that clears the windows). I also noticed that there is no water dripping from the evaporator (is there not enough moisture in the air to be removed, therefore drip,but then why would my car be fogging on the inside if the air was that dry?)

It is a 2004 Dodge Intripid and has never done this before during the transistion seasons from winter to summer and visa versa.



It all depends on several conditions, so it might be normal. Still, you might check the AC evaporator drain to make sure it is not clogged. If it is, the water in the drain pan might be adding to your fogging problem.

Are you sure that you don’t have the HVAC system set to recirculate the interior air?

Recirculating the cabin air in the winter is the leading cause of window fogging (as well as enabling asphyxiation if the engine exhaust system is compromised).

Is it the condensor or the evaporator? Would you know if they are hard to unplug. I thinking that is the problem since it fogs almost instantly after I shut off the a/c.

Yep, I got the two reversed. It should say evaporator.