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Foggy Windows and Frustrated

2001 Chevy Prizm. Now that it is winter the windows fog then frost when driving. At first I thought it was poor door seals which may attribute to the problem. I removed the glove box and reconnected the supply to the right side vent but not much has changed. I noticed that there is a blower with a filter and it appears that it may be stuck on recirculate. It is motor driven and I am afraid to pull on it, force it and break it. I don’t know how to test or replace this little motor. I think now it is vacuum driven. I took out the glove box and tried to pull the flapper the other way and I moved it a little until I turned on the car again and is quietly closed again. It gets so bad, especially at high speeds that the sides fog and frost, even the front starts to fog a little with heat and blower on high. The only thing that dries are my eyes. HELP!

In the summer time at night especially I have to have the defrost on full to try and address the moisture.

All of this is unsafe since I can’t see when I drive.

Please help.


I believe you are going the right direction. It sounds like it is stuck on re circulate which would cause the fogging. I would guess the problem is at the controls not at the heater box.

I am sorry I don’t know your car, but it sounds like the control where you turn the recycle on and off is the problem area.

BTW make sure that filer is clean.