Audi A6 Battery

2001 Audi A6 2.7T. Daughter’s car and trying to help. Don’t have clue about Audi. Jump started it this first cold day. Drove it around for 25 minutes. Turned it off and restarted. It restarted quickly but the restart sound indicates a weak battery. Does my trusty independent mechanic test that (odd-looking) battery and alternator output the same way he does on every other car? Is battery replacement a simple take-out-put-in? Or do I need to go to Audi service shop? Thank you.

The Audi battery, like all car batteries, is a 12 volt unit with a positive and negative terminal.

Any mechanic worth his salt would be able to test and replace this unit. If you took the car to Walmart (not recommemded) a semi-skilled person would change it.

Thank you. I was hoping for that answer. He is worth his salt and has all the equipment for reading codes, diagnostics, etc. My plan is to have him give this thing a good examination. Over the years, he has been the kind of mechanic that more often than not tells me I DON’T need something and in a few instances caught really big time stuff that was dangerous. Daughter seems to think Audi is rocket science and old man and his mechanic don’t understand. Well, it is rocket science to me.

If that is the original battery, it has done well and I would plan on replacing it.

Audi, Mercvedes, BMW and Volkswagen service departments used to mesmerize customers with their German accents and arrogant technical BS!

Although in the early days these companies had mechanics that were well trained and knew their stuff, they are now equally lost with all the new technology and in the case of many German cars inferior reliability.

We get many posts of German car owners who are frustrated by the incompetence and high prices of dealer service. We normally suggest they go to a specialty independent mechanic who is trained in and works with that brand of car.

Good luck!

She bought used at 3 years old. Good file of maintenance and no battery listed. It really has done well. 49k on it. I will replace. Thanks.

Sign up with the following sites: &

Look for an independent mechanic that specializes with Audi/VW and/or with German cars.

My BIL had a battery problem with his Audi one weekend and managed to get him home after a fast battery charge. If I remember correctly there was something odd about the size of the battery and ended up getting one at Audi to fit. His sat right up in front of the firewall. So availability may be the only issue.

It probably has an “anti-theft” radio in it…Before you disconnect the battery, determine if it indeed has such a radio and if so, know the reset code or connect another 12 volt source to the battery cables before you disconnect them…

Did a search on Interstate Battery web site. They show one listed for the A6 at a cost of around $200.00.