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Audi A4 or Infiniti G37x?

I’ve narrowed my new car search down to an Infiniti G37x w/ Premium, Nav, and Sport or an Audi A4 Premium Plus w/ Nav, Sport, premium audio, and STASIS chip (only chip upgrade that won’t void the warranty). The MSRPs are pretty similar. The invoice on the Infiniti is lower.

Any recommendations (with reasons)?

Does anyone have experience with an Audi with STASIS chip?

I suggest you look at the A5 thread, the one with the excess oil consumption and the uncaring dealer/company…

I’d go with the G37x.

This would be a no-brainer to me, but then again I’m not a big VW/Audi fan. You get a whole lot more car with the Infiniti, plus a car and drivetrain that a lot of mechanics have plenty of experience with, since much of the drivetrain is used on comparable Nissan vehicles (Infiniti is Nissan’s luxury brand). You will also get Nissan reliability with the Infiniti G37.

If you’re interested in a performance chip for the Audi, it tells me you are interested in performance. Even with the chip in the Audi, you will probably be looking at 100 more horsepower in the Infiniti, which is rated at 330 hp compared to the Audi’s 202 hp. Gas mileage is slightly lower with the Infiniti, but to me the tradeoffs would be totally worth it. The tradeoffs would be much better performance, much better reliability, much easier to find somebody willing to work on it, and probably a much more caring company if something were to go wrong. I say Infiniti, hands down.

What proof do you have that the Stasis re-tune won’t void the warranty? The re-tune will stress the engine and transmission over stock, of course.

Performance is much closer than that. Audi base is 211 but 255 lb/ft or torque. With the STASIS chip, hp goes up to 255-265 and torque goes up over 290 (higher than the Infiniti (which is 270 iirc)).

Simple. Stasis partners with Audi and the STASIS chip is installed by certified Audi dealers and both Stasis and the Audi dealers say it won’t void the warranty.

As long as you have that in writing from Audi, and not Stasis, fine. We had a recent thread about a big name diesel chip that apparently toasted an engine, and Ford denied coverage.

Yep. Cost the owner of that truck over $20k for a new engine in a truck that had well under 10k miles on it.

Sounds like you’re leaning towards the Audi. If so, go for it.

Leaning towards? Yes. Sold on it yet? Not really. The one ding against the Infiniti is that the seats aren’t as comfortable for me (don’t angle up quite enough so less support for my thighs). The two dings against the Audi are being more expensive (to buy and to maintain) and lower reliability.

I made a generous offer to one of the two local Audi dealer of $1000 under MSRP ($2000 over invoice) and the sales manager wouldn’t go lower than $500 under MSRP (so I found a dealer 200 miles away that will sell me an Audi for $500 over invoice). I haven’t talked to the other local Audi dealer to see what they’ll offer me. I’ll have to get the STASIS chip put in at one of the local dealers in any case (no other dealer remotely nearby is certified).

The local Infiniti dealerships seem much more reasonable. One offered me $1000 below invoice and I think the other will match it or at least come close.

Audi A4 is compact executive car produced by Volkswagen. In this car have standard safety features, Audi A4 is passed the Euro NCAP safety and crash tests. Used Cars

You didn’t say whether you’ve driven them yet. I assume that you have. Which one did you like best? I will also guess that you want an automatic transmission, since the G37x is only available with the 7-speed auto. The Audi does offer a 6-speed manual. The horsepower and torque are only part of it. The transmission and differential will also determine how the power is applied. Your test drive should tell more than a bunch of numbers.

Don’t compromise on the seat comfort. If you end up taking the car on a long trip, a slightly uncomfortable seat will end up being very uncomfortable after a few hours. Buy the car that fits you the best.

I would go with the Infiniti simply because of the problems people are having with DFI Turbo engines in the Audi/VW group.

Reliability is a lot better long term in the Infiniti car.

Both are very nice cars, but from my test drives of both, I would rather have the Infiniti.

And think of it this way:

If the Audi drivetrain is so perfect, why are you already thinking of adding a reflash to the ECU in order to get the power levels to be comparable to the Infiniti?


I would go for the Audi. Beautiful clean lines, great interiors, smooth as a whistle.