Audi A4: ABS brake light alarm

Audi A4 2000 with 200K on the odometer. The alarming flashing BRAKE light came on and the ABS light. My mechanic says they will need to replace the module (not cheap) but I wonder if I can just keep driving anyhow until inspection is due––hey, that’s six months away. The car has great pep; the motor is good, the brakes are fine (recently replaced the rear brakes) so if I am just conscious of the lack of ABS––is there any problem here?

You mentioned the BRAKE light as well. Anytime there is a problem with the brake system, the ABS light will go on to disable the the ABS system to prevent a dangerous problem. But an ABS problem alone would not set the BRAKE light. If the BRAKE light is consistently going on, I would consider the car unsafe until the problem is fixed.