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Audi A4 2.0T oil pressure?


06 audi a4. low oil pressure light. common issue? seller wants 1500. nice car. 177k. what does a long block cost? avg vehicle price in my area is $4k lowest up to 7-8k. seller sounds vague. wants to sell it vs fix it. or even find out what is wrong. or maybe he knows? oh, and owner is not a bubba type. from the south. the usa. get it?

He knows. The engine is shot.

He doesn’t own the car? I wonder if the car’s real owner knows he’s selling it. Or even why it wasn’t there in his driveway the morning it disappeared.

You’re looking at an 11 year old Audi with a shot engine that’s for sale for $1500 by a guy that doesn’t own it. There are so many “red flags” here it isn’t funny. I urge you to walk away immediately and quickly.


If you are serious, you need a prepurchase inspection with a compression test and a boroscope inspection of the cylinders with low compression if you find that condition. You need to know why the low oil pressure condition exists before you can decide if the car is worth fixing or not.

owner is not from the usa. he is a recently transplanted type. and not from northern europe. at least he is not chechnya. those folks are sketchy


A troubled miled-up Audi is your worst nightmare.


@texases is right run away. You know the engine is a mess, what about the rest of the car. My guess is about $2k for the engine, another 1K to have a mechanic install it, you are now at the lower end of a running Audi. The body, suspension, transmission etc are still unknowns.Plus you have a sketchy seller. Too many red flags on this one.

Agreed; run.

"Sounds vague…"
Translation: Knows more than they’re letting on.

If the interior & body were in good shape, I could DIY repairs, and I were in a masochistic mood I’d buy it for $500 as a project.

Or a sadistic move — to your neighbors.

Agree with the others, Run, Forest. Run!!!

Especially if the person selling it doesn’t own it…

Check w/Audi or VW, see if they sell a remanufactured replacement engine that’s compatible. That will give you the cost to remedy your worst case scenario, having to completely replace the engine with a known good one with a one or two year guarantee.

Good suggestion for the engine, George, but I think in this case the worst case scenario might be that the car is “hot” and the seller, who doesn’t own the car, disappears into the woodwork…
And it would get even worse of the seller steals the buyer’s identity for use in other nefarious activities.

This whole thing smacks of very serious potential problems well beyond the realm of mechanical.

An Audi A4 being sold for $1500 by someone from another country who doesn’t own the car? Something isn’t right here.

Buying a used car and replacing the engine is a project for auto enthusiasts, an unusual interest on this message board. I used to buy cars, repair them and sell them to friends or acquaintances for little profit just to keep busy, too lazy for that now.

This might be a fun car to drive and an interesting project but the resale value is dropping quickly. Locally there was a 2004 A4 offered for $2500, there is another 2004 to be in an auction next week with a suggested price of $1500. A cheap auction car may be a source for a replacement engine.